Tips to Setup Your Own Rooftop Garden

People in cities usually do not get enough space for creating large gardens. However, it is a great idea to setup your own garden on a rooftop. This not only saves space for you, but also decorates your rooftop with beautiful plants and flowers. If you have always been interested in gardening and wanted your own rooftop garden, then here are some tips to setup a good one.

Choose the right place

It is very important to select the right portion of your rooftop that can hold a garden with a reasonable number of shrubs and plants. Thus, make sure to find a place that has an appropriate slope and a fit drainage system. The place should also be protected from excess rainwater. Thus, you may select an area where plants would not face harm due to excess water. Make sure to choose a reliable and ideal place where you can spend quality time for writing assignments, relaxing and many more such tasks.

Prepare layout and waterproof the area

After finding an apt place, you should make it waterproof. Then, go about planning the layout of your rooftop garden so it looks like the way you would want to see it after development. Choose the plants you like while keeping a balance of all varieties. While you need shrubs and bushes, you also need smaller plants and grasses in your rooftop garden. Apart from this, your garden may have some artificial features if you like.

Procure plants and equipment for garden setup

Buy plants with a fibrous root system and get equipment, soil, moss and manure to start setting up your rooftop garden. You may find all such gardening materials in online shops. For initial garden setup, add some burnt brickbats on the bottom and then cover these with a wire mesh. Create a proper drainage system before planting or potting. Then, start planting so you have a wonderful garden developed in some time.

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