Flower Gardens

We have an exclusive collection of products that will make your flower gardens beautiful and healthy. Some of our most popular products are painted border fence, flower stakes, solar lights, glow in dark flower pots, solar path lights, mushroom hose guides, hanging basket stand, rubber stepping stones, butterfly shelter, garden sculptures, butterfly nets, etc.

We also have a wide range of planters, the most popular ones being trough planters, solar illuminated planters, self watering railing planter, self watering window box, self watering hanging basket, large pots, vertical wall gardens, railing pouch planters, willow cone planters, cascade planters, flower grow bags and raised beds. We provide plant stakes and supports in different material.

Fertilizers and soil for flower gardens are our speciality and we offer fertilizers according to the plants and locations. Self watering container mix, organic mix, all purpose fertiliser packs, energy boxes and booster mix, root shield, plant food, pelletized compost, garden lime and ready to spray fertilizers are sold to a large number of regular customers.

Apart from these products that will make your flower garden stunning and keep the flowers in bloom, we have other products for vegetable gardens as well. We have a team of mentors and you can contact us for getting expert advice in case you feel confused. We help you select the best suited products and get praise for your well maintained garden.