Make Your Home Gardens Healthy..!

Gardening is a hobby for thousands of people all across the globe. Be it decorative or fragrant or colorful, a garden with various types of flowery plants looks beautiful. But, if you are new to gardening and do not have much experience in this field, then here are few easy tips that will help you be a pro in gardening.

Chalk out a plan

Without proper planning, you will never be able to setup a garden. Even if you do, it will not take much time to become a mess. Planning means to have an idea as to what are the types of plants that will be present, the type of soil required by those plants, whether you want to have all fragrant plants in one side and colorful plants on another side and so on. Also, the size of the plants should be taken into consideration. Short plants should always be kept in the front row and the taller plants should be kept in the back. If you have decided to keep perennial plants in your garden, then do make sure they are planted 18 inches apart from each other.

Get the soil tested

Veteran gardeners have an idea about the type of soil that is required for a particular plant. However, as a newbie you may not have that knowledge. So, the best thing would be to get the soil tested from any nursery that is around you. You may have seen on the internet there are soil testing kits that people use, but since you are totally new to this, getting the testing done by a professional would be a wiser decision. This will also help you understand which plant will thrive in which soil and which soil would be best for a variety of plants to grow in the same soil. In addition to this, the texture of the soil will also be tested.

Controlling the water level

You may get sheer joy to water the plants, but one thing that you need to keep in mind is not to overflow the garden with water. Plants need water at a consistent level and not a huge amount of water one day and then no water in the next two or three days. That is why most gardeners maintain a schedule to water their plants at a certain time during the day. On the other hand, there are some plants that needs to be watered at night. You need to keep an eye on that too.

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