Summer plants you must grow this year in your garden

If you are fond of harvesting vegetable plants in your garden, then you must know that there are some specific vegetable plants which are suitable to grow in certain seasons. Are you planning to harvest vegetable plants in summer? Then, you should have a quick view of the article to know which plants can survive in the summer season.

1) Cucumbers: Cucumbers require sufficient rays of Sun and need a little quantity of water every week to grow. With the help of pollinating insects and a good quality of soil, you can harvest cucumbers in summer. Make sure that you do not leave the fruits on the plants for days together. As soon as the fruits start to grow, you should pick them up instantly.

2) Eggplant: The vegetable plant which reasonably grows under the sunshine is the eggplant. With adequate sunshine, warm climate, and well-drained soil, the eggplant is the apt vegetable plant to harvest in summer days. Fix the roots of the plant in moist places. To make the area wet, you can mulch the surface of the soil with straw. Ensure to fix eggplant properly deep in the ground.

3) Okra: The love for heat makes okra grow on a large scale during summer. You do not have to take much pain in harvesting the plant, as okra plant needs a high-quality soil and maximum heat from the sun. You can sow seeds of okra inside your home. But, at the time of harvest, you have to bring the okra plant out in your garden area or on the lawn to get the rays of Sun. Do not over mature the pods of okra, as the plant will lose its quality.

4) Peppers: Peppers love to grow under the maximum heat of Sun. Plant them in a moisture-based place where the plant can get moisture on end. After you see flowers and fruits start to develop from the pepper plants, you can give the plants a supplementary food of organic fertilizer to get the natural taste from the peppers. If you want bell peppers and sweet peppers, then let them grow in hot climates in late summer for better vegetation.

5) Tomatoes: The red, pulpy tomatoes should be kept outdoors for at least six to eight hours under the Sun. You have to remember that while sowing the seed, you have to bring the plant inside your home. In warm soil, tomatoes develop in a better way.

Now, you can sow the right seeds of vegetable plants to reap the fresh vegetables you need in summer months.

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