Tips to Setup a Kitchen Garden

It’s not only interesting but also a healthy factor to be in between nature. Going green and setting up your own garden can make your environs fresh and pollution free. As there is a lack of space now a day in the accommodations, you can opt for small and portable plantation like that of in basket, wooden box and container. Following these plantation techniques, setting up the kitchen garden is very easy in personal dwellings as well as in the rental flats. Here come some tips how you can step up and decorate your kitchen garden –

  • Garden in container – This is an easy way to set up a garden if you have very limited space. Basic requirements are- a container, soil scraper, soil, seeds or plants, water and manure. Container gardens cost hardly Rs. 300- Rs. 600 or 5$-10$.  All the herbs and shrubs can be planted in the container. Some plants like carrots and tomatoes complement each other, so they are grown together.
  • Garden in Raised bed – Raised bed gardens are an advanced version and a broadly grown container garden. The costs incurred are more than 10$. Requirements for such gardens are hardwood board, manure, soil, tiller, moss, plants and water. Vegetables like spinach, broccoli and brinjal can be grown here in a better way.
  • Garden in Window box – You can set up your garden with window boxes or can hang it from there. Vegetables like tomatoes, carrot and tubers can be grown easily here. A total of 50$ cost can be incurred in planting such garden. A big plastic or fiber box, soil, plants and manures are the basic requirements counted.
  • Garden on stepladder – Such type of garden is also a good option for limited space availability. You can plan your garden on stepladders in small pots. The only compulsion lies in getting proper sunlight. Relatively all the herbs and shrubs can be planted here.

Thus, you can have fun with your kitchen garden and enjoy fresh vegetables too.

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