Potted Cactus Plants

Cacti are some of the most remarkable plants. They add character and definition to a home’s décor. They are not like normal houseplants as they require special needs of soil, pots, watering and light. Cacti need soil made of humus, sand and gravel. The root system forms a ball and grows well in well aerated, loose and coarse soil as described. They may require fertilizer in small doses from spring to summer. Regular granules or liquid fertilizer will do. But do not over fertilize the plant as it will lose it charm with overgrowth.

Watering your cacti can also be challenging. Make sure the soil in the pot does not get too much water. It should be a little wet. Occasional watering on the cacti leaves and body is recommended. Over watering will promote pest growth and rot of roots and stems. Hence, you should water the plant once in every few days, just like it is in a desert. The pot of the plant should not be too large and shallow. The pot can be made of clay and have a suitable size. Too big pots will promote root rot.

It is commonly a misconception that cacti need blistering heat and light. In fact if you give too much light cacti will burn. A sunny window with 6 hours of indirect light will do well. Water the plant according to the humidity and dryness due to the sunlight accordingly. You will be able to judge the light by the color of the plants spines and leaves reddish means it needs less light. To enable flowering you might want to make the climate for the plant cooler by putting it in a shady place.


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