Care of Gardenia plants

Gardenia can be said as a genus of floral plants, which has more than 150 species. Gardenia plants originated in Africa and are being exported to different countries of the world since the past few years. Gardenias are the evergreen herbs that grow from two feet to nearly 20 feet high. The leaves of Gardenia plant are generally dark and glossy. These plants attract people with their beautiful white and yellow flowers which either develops as a single flower or in a cluster. Gardenia plants are known to intoxicate sweet scent. They grow in places where the night temperature does not go below 5 degree Celsius. Most of the people do not know how to take care of gardenia plants. Below are some tips and tricks for taking care of your plants.

• It is advised to grow them in clay pots, the medium dries faster in clay pots.

• To prevent Chlorosis, you can put some vinegar on the top of the soil.

• Gardenia flowers sparkle with their white petal and can send a sweet fragrance. These plants grow well in acidic medium which means that the soil should have a PH value of less than 7.

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